360 Forged, we base our entire business model on the craftsmanship of our products. We design and manufacture limited production, hand assembled wheels that consist of only the highest quality materials available.


Our 3 piece and 1 piece sport inspired wheels are engineered and designed in the same fashion as our flagship CF Forged Series. All wheels are offered in exquisite finishes such as, hand brushed aluminum, color matched paint, chrome, polished aluminum and more. We precision machine the wheels to fit your vehicles specifications. Aspects such as bolt pattern, center bore, and back spacing are all machined individually per order. All machining is completed in our Miami Florida production facility using the most technologically advanced CNC machinery in the industry. We hand assemble each wheel to ensure proper torque settings and runout. Each wheel is also individually inspected for any visual or structural issues using a 20 point inspection process which ensures that no wheel leaves our facility with any problems whatsoever.




All our wheels go through am intensive testing process. These tests consist of load, corrosion, temperature, and destruction testing. We make sure that our wheels are not only strong enough to handle normal daily driving, but high stress conditions as well. Due to these stringent tests, we have the utmost confidence in our wheels. *Please inquire for an evaluation of wheel options best suited for racing, offroad use, rough road conditions and anything other than normall road use.


Load Testing:

360 Forged Wheels are made to withstand extremely high load situations. We not only design our wheels to withstand the vehicles weight, but the centrifical force as well. If a vehicle weighs 3000 pounds and is able to pull 1g of lateral acceleration through a turn, we ensure our wheels can handle the stress of excess of 3000 pounds pulling the wheel in either direction as well as the force pushing down on them. We've designed our wheels to handle loads far beyond what normal driving situations would submit them to.


Corrosion Testing:

All of our finishes are corrosion tested. We use several methods of corrosion testing. One of the most damaging elements a wheel can endure is salt. We put all of our finishes through a 1000 hour non stop direct spray of salt water. Granted, we can't design a wheel that is 100% resistant to these conditions, however with proper care, and maintenance such as regular cleaning, our wheels are able to endure years of abuse from the elements. Through this test, only minor damage is seen on the wheels clear coat finish, which can be re-coated, and polished to bring back it's original luster.


Extreme Temperature Testing:

During extreme situations such as racing, our wheels are often times heated to very extreme temperatures. We test to ensure that structural integrity of the wheel remains intact during and after these conditions and that no fatigue is endured. Our wheels are also tested in extreme cold conditions where metal can become brittle. The results of our tests conclude that our wheels are able to withstand the most extreme temperatures, hot or cold.


Destruction Testing:

Every wheel has it's breaking point. Dieffernt designs distribute stess loads differently. We determine where the wheels weak point is, and stress test it to the point of failure. The one thing that we are trying to accomplish during this test is that you never see this point. With that being said, we design our wheels to far exceed the maximum stress levels caused by normal driving and some racing conditions. During normal conditions, the usual damage is done by hitting a pothole, which normally results in a bent inner or outer rim half. These situations are often times unavoidable. Being that our wheels are a 3 piece design, we can un-assemble them, and repair or replace the individual piece, or pieces that are damaged rather than replacing an entire wheel.


Fatigue and Dynamic Durability testing specified by DOT 109, 119 and 139.


High speed Durability testing (up to 230mph)


Rolling resistance testing Passenger, Medium Truck Spindle Force Method per SAE J-1269


Coast-down rolling resistance testing per SAE J-2452


X-ray and Shearography non-destructive analysis


Bead Unseat and Plunger Energy per SAE J-916c and DOT 109, 119 and 139


Dynamic Impact testing with cleated roadwheel.


Wheel impact test by SAE, ISO and JASO methods. Force and velocity requirements to GM requirements.


Strain Gaging


Salt/Acid spray - Salt spray ASTM B117 method and GM WL 15-5-81 stress corrosion test. CASS acid test ASTM 368.


Hydroburst Testing - Strength studies for wheels.


Our manufacturing process consists of many detailed steps. From the time you place your order to the date of delivery, you are able to track step by step stages of your order through the manifacturing process.


1. Our team of CAD designers, along with our machining engineers create a new wheel concept. The concept goes through a process of evaluation to ensure the proper tolerances work with the design. Simulated computer testing is performed before a prototype piece is made to insure development of a wheel that not only looks excellent, but performs excellent as well. Many things are taken into consideration when designing a new wheel such as weight, rolling inertia, brake cooling, and more.

2. Once the new wheel design is complete, we use our CNC machines to create 1 prototype wheel in every offered size.


3. We then begin our testing process which consists of:

Corrosion testing, High speed testing, Load testing, Destruction testing, & Extreme temperature testing. If changes are necessary, we revise, machine, and test again, until the wheel has passed all tests performed.


4. At this point our new wheel is ready for production. We proceed to machine our desired amount of production in each size.


5 The wheels are then made available for purchase. When an order is placed wheela are specifically machined and customized to meet your personal and vehicles specifications. Aspects such as bolt pattern, center bore, and back spacing are all machined individually to order.


6. We now begin the exterior finishing process. This step is based on your order specifics such as color, carbon fiber application, brushed aluminum finish, etc.


7. Once the center section is completed in your specified finish, we begin final assembly. This process is done completely by hand. The wheels are assembled to your vehicles specific size, i.e., width, diameter, and lip size. All fasteners are torqued to exact specifications by hand, The sealant is also applied by hand to ensure that their are no air leaks whatsoever. The final step to assembly is calibration. This process uses a micrometer to ensure that the wheel is perfectly round and have a balanced assembly.


8. Inspection process. A 20 point inspection takes place prior to packaging and shipping. Any imperfections are addressed.


360 Forged is dedicated to our customers.  We offer a full range of support prior to your order being placed, during the ordering process and years after you receive your wheels.  Our staff is available to handle any technical, repair, finishing, or any other issues you may have.


Support Details:


1. Feel free to call us any time to speak with one of our staff, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


2. Throughout the ordering process we will guide you in deterimining what the best suited wheel option for your application may be. From beginning to end, a staff member will always bemade available to answer any questions you may have.


3. We offer full wheel restoration and replacements services should one of your wheels be damaged.  We can replace individual parts, refinish surfaces, change colors, re-balance and seal, or any other request you may have,


4. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our wheels structure and 1 year on finishes.  This covers all non wear and tear issues such as paint issues, chrome, fasteners, and any other issues related to the structural integrity of our wheels.  Obviously damage to the wheels caused by careless driving is not covered, we will however work with you to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.







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